Food Processing


Food Processing

Hydrite offers a line of food processing products to cover a wide variety of needs for fruit & vegetable, meat & poultry, or dairy processing. We provide solutions in:

  • Sanitation chemicals
  • Commodity chemicals
  • Foam control
  • Food ingredients
  • Processing water microbials
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Meat intervention chemistry
  • Production chemicals

All of these products come with the support of our experts to reduce complications and increase the efficiency and safety of your operation. Contact us to see what our services can provide for you.

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Related Markets
  • Poultry Intervention

    Poultry Intervention

    Summary of intervention chemistry for poultry production


  • Meat and Poultry Processing

    Meat and Poultry Processing

    Our programs help to ensure consistently high quality for finished meat and poultry products with safety and cost reductions in mind


  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing

    Fruit and Vegetable Processing

    Information on our full line of fruit and vegetable processing products


  • Food Processing

    Food Processing

    Protect your process from unwanted foam with our extensive line of expertly crafted defoamers and antifoam products


  • Food Ingredients

    Food Ingredients

    Hydrite's dry ingredients and manufactured liquid chemical additives to food


  • Dairy Solutions

    Dairy Solutions

    Brochure detailing the products and services Hydrite Chemical Co. provides to the dairy industry. Products include sanitation chemicals, processing aids and food ingredients.


  • Meat Intervention

    Meat Intervention

    Summary of intervention chemistry for red meat production


  • Foam Control Food Safety Standards

    Foam Control Food Safety Standards

    Information about adhering to the new food safety standards


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